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Image of the Week: Convincing Facts

1 Feb

Can we post this everywhere in the clinic? Please?

Wellcome Trust Blog

L0057953 Framed poster advocating vaccination against smallpox, Engla

How do you convince people that they should do something? Especially if it is something they don’t want to do, or they don’t believe in?

Perhaps with capital letters, powerful statistics, and exclaiming ‘Convincing Facts!’ to make sure everyone pays attention. That is the approach used in this week’s image.

This framed poster appeared as an article in The Times on 25 July 1923, when a smallpox epidemic was raging across Gloucester. The Times had previously implored people to be vaccinated against the disease: the paper’s medical correspondent wrote in 1922 that campaigns opposing smallpox vaccination were ‘stupid and mischievous propaganda… (with) evil effects’.

This poster demonstrates a slightly different approach, marshalling statistics to try and persuade ‘those who disbelieve in vaccination’ to think again.

The poster’s striking appearance, with arresting capital letters, is designed to stress the gravity of the matter. In 1896, over 400 people had died in…

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