Are you all worked up – yet?

11 Jun

Bertha Harian

People are getting all worked up these days. I wasn’t at Hong Lim Park for the Return My CPF protest but I gather it was quite a “riot’’. So I read media reports on what happened, including the one in ST. The trouble with reportage is that it makes everything reasonable. It’s the way news is written. You try to make sense even of non-sense, because you want the reader to understand what’s been written. It is not in the nature of news reporting to report all the bells and whistles, side-shows, rants and raving. For that, you need “colour’’ writing. And even that is tough because you might well be seen as identified with, or on the side of, the revelry or occasion. And you can’t very well be “colouring’’ the report with your own views. Because that would be comment.

So, people have to resort to video, preferably un-censored. I…

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