Why are doctors so special?

6 Dec

Bertha Harian

Why does it look like the Singapore Medical Council is a law unto its own? I refer to a commentary in ST today which says that the SMC has “refused to divulge if its income comes entirely from its 11,000 members, or whether it has separate government funding’’. I wish the newspaper told its readers if its refusal was to questions from the media, or whether it is a general blanket “no comment’’. It’s probably the latter.

Unlike the Singapore Dental Council, the SMC doesn’t list its income or disbursements in its annual reports. No financial information at all. The Dental council gets G funding (not much: about $180,000 for 2013) and puts down its registration fees in total. So what is happening in SMC? All we know now is that doctors who want to renew their practising licence pay $400. So that’s $4,400,000 every year. What about G funding?…

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